Great Basin Highway Magazine Volume 3 Number 1 January/March 2021 Edition

Mound House, NV Mound House Gunsmith

Here’s some insight from your local Gunsmith

When considering buying parts for your gun; you might consider going to your local gunsmith rather than buying off the internet. At your local gunsmith can give advice, help with brands, compatibility, and aesthetics before your run out and buy a part on line. Your local gunsmith might be less expensive than buying it, adding shipping on top of the part cost will more than buying at your local gunsmith. This will save headache, money and time while you complete your project faster.

Reasons you would go to a local gunsmith. To have a gun customized to your hand and shooting style/use. Your gun has feeding or cycling problems (refuses to feed certain ammunition) (your gun does not like the way your magazine holds your rounds), revolvers to eliminate roughness, stacking, and make your springs last longer in your gun. Your gun needs that one part replaced that is making it very unhappy. You might need insight on how your gun could work and function better. Your gun might act “not quite right”, understand why and what might be causing the issue.

Options for personalizing your gun, coloring, sights, trigger and fire-control. Not to mention spring kits, accessories etc. To tune a gun for… your rounds are too powerful or too weak for your gun.

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